Friday, August 16, 2019

From The Food Film Festival (New York, 2019) Official Selection: "The Beauty of Gefilte Fish"

The Food Film Festival in New York has been announced for October 24-27, 2019! Since I learned about this festival, I wait eagerly every year for their official selection to explore and learn more about food and people's experiences in the culinary realm as shown in films and videos. In upcoming weeks, I'll be working on the subtitles for some of these videos and films to post them on this blog, so stay tuned.

I'll start this series with "The Beauty of Gefilte Fish" by director Rachel Fleit. It's already published in Nowness with subtitles in several languages (I applaud Nowness for their effort to make all their videos accessible to more people around the world!) 

This is a beautiful video around family, Passover and a very interesting dish shared during this celebration.

(Existing subtitles by Nowness)

Saturday, August 3, 2019

MOFAD CITY: How Haitian Cuisine Became a Powerhouse in Miami's Culinary Scene / La reconocida gastronomía haitiana en el escenario culinario de Miami

Description (from original video): "Since the first Haitian immigrants arrived in 1963, a thriving Haitian community has grown in Miami. From the vibrant murals of Little Haiti to the business districts of North Miami, the story of that community is one of extraordinary resilience and ingenuity — overcoming political strife, natural disasters, racial discrimination and negative stereotyping to build a home in South Florida. As the community has grown, Haitian entrepreneurs have opened a broad array of restaurants and shops that reflect the customs and cuisine of their home island."

Descripción: Desde que los primeros inmigrantes haitianos llegaron en 1963, una próspera comunidad haitiana se ha establecido y crecido en Miami. Desde los murales vibrantes de Little Haiti (la pequeña Haití) hasta los distritos comerciales del norte de Miami, la historia de esta comunidad es una historia de resistencia e ingenio extraordinarios, superando las luchas políticas, los desastres naturales, la discriminación racial y los estereotipos negativos con el fin de construir un hogar en el sur de la Florida. A medida que la comunidad crece, los empresarios haitianos han abierto una amplia gama de restaurantes y negocios que reflejan las costumbres y la cocina de su isla natal.