Sunday, August 7, 2022

Recommendations: What to Watch: Midnight Diner / Recomendaciones: Qué ver: Midnight Diner (Tiene subtítulos en español)

Photo credits: Netflix

"Midnight Diner" on Netflix

I'm delighted to have found this series on Netflix. I had read about it previously, but didn't want to add more to my long list of movies-to-watch, so when it popped up in my suggestions, I decided to watch an episode (they're less than 30 minutes-long) and I'm now hooked!

Surprisingly, I don't feel the need to binge watch it... just like the simple dishes highlighted in every episode, each one has to be savored and processed slowly to enjoy the the complexity of the human stories that at first glance might look mundane, but when delved deeper into their characters' lives, they are masterfully elevated to intricate and delightful stories... just like the food.

What I like is that each episode has an independent story - or at least from what I've watched so far (I'm still on the first season - of five!)

Here's the link to the trailer on YouTube, if you want to have an early taste: