From Zagat: Foodways

About Foodways by Zagat:

"Chef Jessica Sanchez travels the country in search of the intersection between food, family, and tradition"

Sobre Foodways por Zagat:

"La chef Jessica Sánchez viaja por todo el país para descubrir lo que hay en la intersección entre comida, familia y tradiciones"

Season 2 / Temporada 2:

Coming soon with subtitles - stay tuned / Vendrán pronto con subtítulos - está pendiente:

Season 1 / Temporada 1:
  • Episode 1: Guns, Game, and Gumbo in Cajun Country
  • Episode 2: Lobster Hunting in Maine
  • Episode 3: Charleston, SC's Hidden Food Scene
  • Episode 4: Milking Cows with Mennonites in Bird-In-Hand, PA
  • Episode 5: Filipino Food, Balut Taste Test and Karaoke
  • Episode 6: Thailand via Texas: Exploring Emerging Cuisine in Houston
  • Episode 7: What is Northern Food?
  • Episode 8: North America's Original Cuisine
  • Episode 9: Exploring Hmong-American Cuisine in Minneapolis
  • Episode 10: Hawaii is America's Culinary Melting Pot
Season 2 / Temporada 2:
  • Episode 1: This Swedish Woman Runs One of NYC's Most Respected Kitchens
  • Episode 2: Exploring Japanese Kaiseki Cuisine in Seattle
  • Episode 3: Visit Northern Iran via California with One Chef's Persian Cuisine
  • Episode 4: Meet the Pitmaster That's Shaking Up Georgia's Traditional BBQ Scene
  • Episode 5: This Chef is Preserving Chinese-American Cuisine in San Francisco
  • Episode 6: Using Appalachian Cuisine to Help Revive Coal Country
  • Episode 7: Modern Indian Fare is Thriving in Asheville, North Carolina
  • Episode 8: Discovering Jewish BBQ and Traditional Israeli Fare in Atlanta
  • Episode 9: Can One Chef's Approach to Global Fine Dining Catch on in Washington D.C.
  • Episode 11: Some of the USA's Best Tacos are Made by an Undocumented Mexican Chef

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