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Specialized in content for:
Culinary, Food & Beverage
Travel & Tourism
Ecology & Environment

You can see a sample of my work published on this BLOG

  • Do you love food and cooking and have created an amazing video channel to share this culinary passion with others?
  • Do you love to travel and create videos to share your culinary adventures to introduce others to the local food and places you visit? 
  • Are you a filmmaker who loves to create beautiful fiction and non-fiction shorts and films with food-related content? 
  • Do you create videos to talk and educate others about food, ingredients, cooking techniques, and diverse culinary traditions?
  • Do you create heart-warming videos filled with stories and personal anecdotes to introduce others to the food, flavors, and recipes of your culture, region, or country?
  • Do you organize conferences, lectures, and talks to highlight or discuss food-related issues to educate others and bring these conversations to the forefront?
  • Have you created an insightful food-related podcast that you'd like to share with more people to spark the discussion?
  • Are you an online school that trains cooking professionals or simply wants to inspire cooking-lovers to learn new kitchen skills and recipes?

Closed Captions and Subtitles will help you: 

  1. Increase viewership and create more engagement with your audience.
  2. Create keywords (that are embedded in your captions and subtitles) to make videos/podcasts easier to find by search engines.
  3. Provide accessibility to the deaf and hard-of-hearing communities.
  4. Allow those who speak other languages to also access, enjoy, and learn from your content. 
  5. Make it convenient for the students of your Cooking Class or Professional Training to view the videos without sound or as a study aid if they're in a noisy environment. 
  6. Students and viewers have the option of printing the captions and subtitles as Transcripts that can be used for review later.

I love food and cooking and that makes me naturally curious and very passionate to work with food-related content projects. I regularly take cooking classes for my personal enjoyment and growth, which have kept me very close to the culinary field. I'm constantly learning about different dishes, ingredients, culinary traditions, cooking techniques, food trends, etc. Through classes, videos, podcasts, and books related to the culinary arts and food & drinks, I'm always researching and immersing myself in the culinary world.

I will be working directly with you to learn more about your project, the audience you want to reach, and how I can help you make your audio files, videos, book, or website accessible to English and Spanish-speaking audiences. 

I invite you to learn more ABOUT ME and how my passion for subtitling and culinary translation motivated me to create the BLOG.

For translation and subtitling services inquiries, contact me at:

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