What is Eating With My Five Senses?

Translating Food Media brings new voices and perspectives to the table. If we want to understand each other better and open up the dialogue, we need to start by learning more about each other. One way is to have original Food Media content transcribed, captioned and translated so that it's accessible to everyone.

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This blog showcases a curated collection of culinary audiovisual content that are made accessible through English and Spanish Captions, Transcriptions and Subtitles. 

It was born out of a deep personal desire to help promote learning, appreciation and understanding by encouraging people to explore and discover different cultures, people, and traditions through a common aspect that is so basic for all human beings: FOOD.

The videos featured on this blog are curated by me. These are videos and podcasts I've enjoyed watching and listening because they've introduced me to new foodways, dishes, ingredients and stories from people and places around the world. The videos are published here with subtitles for their original language (captions)-- to give access to the deaf-and-hard-of-hearing communities-- and with translation into English or Spanish (subtitles).

Curating and adding Captions, Transcriptions, and Subtitles to the selected audiovisual content to be in published in Eating With My Five Senses is a LABOR OF LOVE and is self-funded.  So far, the work is done during my free time.

(Photo from Unsplash)

I use the Amara Platform to create the transcripts, captions, and subtitles. The embedded subtitles DO NOT affect the integrity of the original videos.


Help me SPREAD THE VOICE about this blog and share with other people to watch these videos with English and Spanish Captions and Subtitles so that they can also enjoy and learn from the content!


I'm specialized in Gastronomy, Culinary Arts, and Tourism.

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